"So much of interpretation is clouded and driven by the fallacies of memory, about the slippage between actuality and recollection." Jennifer Higgie in The Embarrassing Truth: Matthew Brannon 1995

I am fascinated by the pieces of memory our brain chooses to hold on to, alter, and/or omit. My early work was built around glimpses of daily life; moments that I deliberately revised into fantastical worlds of color and pattern. These ideas have morphed into a personal representation of how my sense of self is entwined with my family history.

There is a strong tie between my maternal grandmother and myself, a place where our identities intersect. Her life was a celebration of her Irish heritage, and my work is strongly influenced by these themes as they relate to her descent into Alzheimers, and sudden loss. Drawing upon these experiences, questions of the deceptiveness of memory are forced to the surface of my work.